Album Cover – Matt Donaldson

For Matts album cover I used Photoshop to create a professional looking cover which gives an incite to what the album will sound like. I tried out various different titles for the album including, ‘The self titled album’, ‘The midnight hour’ and ‘Mama Sita’ but eventually settled for ‘Hopeless’ as it is most suited to […]

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Album cover – Recreation

In order to recreate a realistic album cover for my own music video I recreated an existing album cover using my own images. For this is decided to recreate Dua Lipa’s ‘Be the one’ single album, the album is shown below: \ I recreated the album cover using Lexie as my artist and Adobe Photoshop […]

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Music Video – Teaser Trailer

Ive decide to create a teaser for my music video as it is very popular for artists these days to produce these teaser videos to excite fans and hopefully increase popularity at the official release of the video. I used one actress and one location in this teaser to provide only a snippet of what […]

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